Really Curious and of course frustrated…


Could someone explain to me why a Software Company you are dealing with insists on your user/password setting for their account BEFORE they allow you to purchase again?

I was gifted a new laptop computer and thought…you have learned a few things along the way…why not install your virus and office software before loading with all your previous data.

That makes sense to me.

For some reason the two companies I deal with cannot comply with letting me PURCHASE their products BEFORE acknowledging the purchase.


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Geek Tech Tool Box is not a good Company to be engaged with.


One would think by now I would be beyond being rooked.  But…no…apparently not.

Have you ever gone to CNET to download something you need or want and when you open it up it is a different piece of software altogether. They make up a banner that says “Download” place it on the order page of the software you need and you click it and voilà – someone else has gotten into your computer.It can be very difficult sometimes to figure out what you should or should not click on.

I have been meaning to bring that up – it is really irritating and now I try to avoid CNET as I believe they are party to this deception as that is what it is.

I have been had more than one with the above but that is not what got me this time. This is a grippe page.

I went to renew RegCure. I have been using them for a couple of years but the last time I downloaded their software it opened up as now being affiliated with Microsoft, which turned me off, and also had added features of looking for Malware (So what had we been using for the last 10 years?) plus 4 other categories which we supposedly needed. I wasn’t impressed. Most of us have taken steps to deal with everything they are trying to bundle. At least I had.

Companies never want to leave well enough alone and I guess RegCure is the same. I liked how they kept the registry in my computer uncluttered and straightened out any issues I may have inadvertently caused with moving files and folders around or deleting programs. Then, when they teamed up with Microsoft of course they would be sticking their nose in all of my other affairs. (Sigh!). So we started out on our new relationship.

The new RegCure was slow. Of course. What did I expect? It now has 6 actions it is doing instead of one.

While surfing the Internet about something or other I was in a forum and it advised that “Geek Tech Tool Box” was Number 1 while “RegCure” was only Number 3. Never heard about Geek Tech Tool Box before and if I could avoid all this extra searching that RegCure was set up for it might be worth switching. So went on a crusade of finding out about Geek Tech Tool Box. I got really irritated with RegCure after a couple of months it was so annoying. I tried it with all the searches employed and also without. Over all it was much slower than the older versions. At least that is how I perceived it now.

So I bought Geek Tech Tool Box to see if I could get something faster.

Geek Tech Tool Box turned out to be the absolutely very same excepting they were not endorsed by Microsoft


So I just used RegCure even tho’ I had bought the Geek Tech Tool Box. I just shut it off.

Then my RegCure subscription ran out so I just switched to Geek Tech Tool Box. I mean I had bought it and all. That was in June, 2013.

When I had bought it they had offered a $9 and something discount, which I did not get when I purchased it. When I complained about it they advised me I had bought a bundled version which gave me a Premium version of their software. Huh???…really?

Rooked again.

Today I got an email from Geek Tech Tool Box advising me that my subscription to their software was due to run out December, 2013 but not to worry as they would automatically debit my credit card for the renewal.

If I bought it in June why would the subscription run out in December – that is only 6 months

Yep, rooked again.

Then the email went on to say if I didn’t want to have my credit card automatically debited I could amend the payment method by going to my account with them. So I did and I amended it and it simply deleted my program and now I have nothing

Ahh… would that be the fourth or fifth time I have been rooked by this Company

So what would you do if you got caught like this? I am simply posting it to this blog and hope that absolutely none of you would even think about dealing with this company

End of Story. Geek Tech Tool Box is not a good Company to get engaged with.

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Things are getting Cloudy


Way back when, when we were all starting out there was a program which used the Intranet and we could store our files on their platform.  It was good and I used it a lot as one never had to worry or wonder about how safe our information was.

Then somewhere in  the second year the management of that Intranet service wanted to start charging for the service.  I did not take part as I did not want to use my credit card on the Internet.  Funny, aye? Considering all the purchases I have made online since that time.

So we all carried on and technologies were being dished up by the hundreds, maybe even thousands and all of a sudden “The Cloud” is the big deal.  Try for the life of me I could not figure out why all the drum beating.  It is the same concept as the Intranet.  It has the same worries too of things going sideways which they do.  What happens when the Cloud site goes down, what provisions are taken to protect your material for that?

Hostgator, my web host is now offering a Cloud service for only $19.95 per month.  Are they kidding?  The same goes for many of the other Companies that are offering this service including Google.

What you can do and avoid this “service”:

Save your material to DVD or blue-ray.  Remember though, depending on the quality of the disk you buy the life expectancy is 10 to 20 years only for the DVD.  I don’t know about the blue-ray.

Save your material to an external hard drive.  This makes the most sense to me and you do not have to pay a monthly fee after the initial purchase.  The cost of externals has dropped dramatically and you can save all your work this way.  The only people this will not service are those who collect images, music, videos or movies.

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