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Hi Everyone.

Just a quick post,

OtShot turned up in my computer uninvited and also unwanted so went to Control Panel/
Programs/delete.   There Done.

Next time I turned on my computer I noticed a little heart sitting in the Task Bar (lowest right hand corner of Window Pane)???   What was that – It was Ot Shot??? But I deleted it.

Went to Program Files and checked – nope not there. Looked in the Start Menu/Programs – yep it was there.

Tried to delete it but advised another program was using it and could not delete.

Googled for Ot Shop and it is listed as an open source photography program. Not a problem but it kept flashing messages on my window screen about not being able to find a skin and did I want to download/upload contacts from Outlook Express. ??   I don’t use Outlook Express.

So filed a support ticket with Avast my anti-virus program and they replied to Ot Shot was
a photo application and it should be harmless. They also suggested I might want to read
What is OT shot and do i need it ?.

So I did. You may want to as well.   On that site and because I had not been able to
simply delete this application from my computer there was a further link to
Remove OtShot, removal instructions
, on a blog called “Malware Removal Instructions”.

What a find! This is a keeper link to look at when your computer is attacked with malware,
adware or viruses.

A BIG Thank you to Malware Removal Instructions Blog.


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