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Way back when, when we were all starting out there was a program which used the Intranet and we could store our files on their platform.  It was good and I used it a lot as one never had to worry or wonder about how safe our information was.

Then somewhere in  the second year the management of that Intranet service wanted to start charging for the service.  I did not take part as I did not want to use my credit card on the Internet.  Funny, aye? Considering all the purchases I have made online since that time.

So we all carried on and technologies were being dished up by the hundreds, maybe even thousands and all of a sudden “The Cloud” is the big deal.  Try for the life of me I could not figure out why all the drum beating.  It is the same concept as the Intranet.  It has the same worries too of things going sideways which they do.  What happens when the Cloud site goes down, what provisions are taken to protect your material for that?

Hostgator, my web host is now offering a Cloud service for only $19.95 per month.  Are they kidding?  The same goes for many of the other Companies that are offering this service including Google.

What you can do and avoid this “service”:

Save your material to DVD or blue-ray.  Remember though, depending on the quality of the disk you buy the life expectancy is 10 to 20 years only for the DVD.  I don’t know about the blue-ray.

Save your material to an external hard drive.  This makes the most sense to me and you do not have to pay a monthly fee after the initial purchase.  The cost of externals has dropped dramatically and you can save all your work this way.  The only people this will not service are those who collect images, music, videos or movies.


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I found the Internet after getting Windows '95. I have never been without it since. I am still amazed and in wonder of the access the Internet gives to all of us besides all the other benefits, like anyone can have an online business. You gotta' love it.
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