Remove OtShot, removal instructions


Hi Everyone.

Just a quick post,

OtShot turned up in my computer uninvited and also unwanted so went to Control Panel/
Programs/delete.   There Done.

Next time I turned on my computer I noticed a little heart sitting in the Task Bar (lowest right hand corner of Window Pane)???   What was that – It was Ot Shot??? But I deleted it.

Went to Program Files and checked – nope not there. Looked in the Start Menu/Programs – yep it was there.

Tried to delete it but advised another program was using it and could not delete.

Googled for Ot Shop and it is listed as an open source photography program. Not a problem but it kept flashing messages on my window screen about not being able to find a skin and did I want to download/upload contacts from Outlook Express. ??   I don’t use Outlook Express.

So filed a support ticket with Avast my anti-virus program and they replied to Ot Shot was
a photo application and it should be harmless. They also suggested I might want to read
What is OT shot and do i need it ?.

So I did. You may want to as well.   On that site and because I had not been able to
simply delete this application from my computer there was a further link to
Remove OtShot, removal instructions
, on a blog called “Malware Removal Instructions”.

What a find! This is a keeper link to look at when your computer is attacked with malware,
adware or viruses.

A BIG Thank you to Malware Removal Instructions Blog.

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Are You Up-to-date in your Domain extensions?


When the public, that’s you and I, started using the Internet on a regular basis, generally touted as 1996, (just after Windows 95 came out) the domains extensions available for website was limited to:

      • .com for commercial
      • .net for Internet
      • . org for organization

It was said that a website could not be very professional if it did not end in .com. Well, that has turned out to be a bunch of hooey as now, “1 and 1, domain vendor and web host” is now promoting domain extension no one ever anticipated before.

From a generic sense there are over 700 domain extensions being considered. Some are released by the Registrar and some are simply waiting in line, either for the demand to increase or so that they can keep control of the system of releasing these extensions and consequent domains.

From an International overview the last count I noticed was 1,774 and I know there are more. It is a growing list.

1 and 1 is now accepting preregistration for these domains availabilities. If you are interested in being notified when a particular domain becomes available you may preregister with 1 and 1.

Now the argument for us to switch to using these new extensions to better achieve search engine recognition, (remember before the argument was to be considered a professional).

To view a full list of all possible domains as of this date, October, 2013, visit here. You can also download a .pdf file of the pending domains if you choose.

It is really exciting if you are considering starting a new website. For those of us which started out with the original extensions we are better off staying with them as the age of our website is quite important from a search engine point of view and if you amend your domain name you lose that distinction. Just a thought.

Just in passing, the revamping of for IT, Home Medic.Info for home health care and Portobello Place for Shopping have all been completed. I kept all the old pages to avoid link rot and with my limited knowledge I am still having issues getting the search engines to recognize the correct return for a search request. I don’t want to use “301’s”. Ya gotta love it.

Also, I finished the courses on Codecademy Classes for html and css classes. It is a good review and gets one up to speed for all the new changes going on in that technology. They also offer free classes for java, ruby and a whack of others. If you are thinking of finding out for yourself how these programs or languages work, you should really check them out.

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Virus Enemy #1 To The Rescue


I just received a Security Report from my Anti-Virus program Avast.


The Internet Lets You Work Anywhere!

For the month of July and according to Avast

  • Files and Documents: I had reviewed 308,563 files of which there were 2 viruses which Avast found and cured.
  • Web and Network Objects: I had visited 425,951 sites of which 7 were infected and which I was blocked and saved from being infected.

I know I spend a lot of time on the Internet what with my websites and posting links, blogging and checking all the spam comments that come in (Thanks guys!) but hol – ee!

So what did you do in the month of July?

I also received a renewal notice from them as I have used them for my anti-virus protection for 3/4 years now.

With the renewal notice I was advised that Hackers attack more than just PCs, they also attack Mobiles, which motivated them to create Free Mobile Security. I don’t know why it took them so long to get this up and running but it is now available. Thank you.

You should know this too (I copied it from their email):

“This new program protects your Android device against malware attacks and helps you locate it if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Rated 4.7 of 5 stars in Google Play store!

Free Download

Key reasons why Android users should have have avast!

  • Free Mobile Security Protects you from Android-specific malware
  • Scans all installed apps and memory card content, as well as all apps upon first use.
  • Tracks your lost or stolen device. Provides several remote options for locating and recovering your phone with our Anti-Theft component.
  • Filters incoming calls and SMS messages
  • Filters calls and/or messages from a contact list, using set parameters (based on day of the week, start time, and end time).
  • Tracks network data and Wi-Fi usage.
  • Shows how much data transfers into and out of your phone via 3G and/or Wi-Fi connections, with stats for day, month, or year.”
  • The best part of the renewal notice was I could get 2 years for their Pro version only $59.95. What a deal! That is why I am sharing. Of course I renewed.

    You might want to take a look at them as well.

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